Ethereal Crystals

 A gentle yet effective treatment using muscle testing to determine which crystals are the priority and where to place them in the body or system.

This is also a very effective way to place crystals in the home, workplace and garden for protection against negative energy and to promote growth in plants.

This can also be used to strengthen material crystals by up to 400%. A very relaxing treatment which can be used alone or combined with any other modality.

Used in the same manner as real crystals, the Ethereal crystal will dissolve on its own when the person receiving healing has absorbed the efficient amount of energy needed. The properties of the stones will manifest once placed.

Learn how to do healing without carrying around your favourite stones. These ethereal crystals are much stronger than those found in the Earth. You can place them on the body or around the house.

Create powerful gem elixirs

Increase strength in certain gemstones by up to 400%

What you will need: Pendulum

Investment : $150.00