Last  week I was a translator of this amazing Skype call and witnessed the  healing process of a young lady who suffered from Scoliosis, she was  healed just in two sessions with our professional & Highly qualified  Quantum Touch healer and instructor Julia Maré   from Vancouver - Canada.  My client was from an Arabian Gulf country and Julia worked on her from Vancouver- Canada using Skype.  This work of healing was extremely phenomenal & exclusively amazing!!!  Please if you need healing sessions over Skype contact Julia Maré  on QT website  or if you would like to learn the skills of QT Level 1 I'll be teaching  a workshop very soon in Bahrain you can find my contact number on the  same website.  How does it get any better than that?? ♥♥  Love & Light to all,  Anfal Al Qaisi

Michael John

June 4, 2013 · London, ON · Just had a "Body Talk" and "Quantum Touch" session with Julia Mare  over Skype due to real bad neck and shoulder pain. I am in awe how this  stuff works, as I feel almost 100% better now. Thank you Julie!

Christina Waschko - "Bloody Nose Testimonial"

Christina here. I'm 'Aunt Rose" who ran into the glass in Pitt Meadows during one of our Tony'n Tina's Wedding performances!

It wasn't my proudest moment when I ran - nose first - into a glass door.

After the initial shock my nose started to hurt like crazy- it was tender to the touch (and thankfully not broken!), sore, and started to bleed. Within seconds headache set in.

Thankfully Julia was near by to give me first aid treatment. Not quite sure what she did exactly (it involved lots of tapping around my head and shoulders). And what can I say? My nose stopped bleeding. And what should have turned into a black  eye and severe swelling became a tender jaundice colour within the next two days only! My headache disappeared after her tapping too. OMG! Thank you Julia for  being there at the right time and place when my nose and head needed you most. And for your craft   for making me feel better within minutes. Impressive!  Thank You!








"I have had the pleasure of knowing Julia Mare for the past few years.

I took Quantum Touch Level One with her. She is a wonderful instructor."


I am an Intuitive Energy Healer and I have been going to see Julia for clearings and balancing. There are only a few People that I will go to for a clearing. I call her "The Healer's Healer". I love her treatments! I have had her lymphatic drainage treatment and it is Divine. I have called on her for Distant Healing with wonderful results.

"Julia is a powerful, yet gentle Healer. She is a truly beautiful Soul inside and out."

Lazina Ramzan-Sahib


Hi Julia, This is a testimonial and heart felt message to thank you for your energy healing and support. From the moment you spoke to me I felt comforted and each day.

And each day I am healing. I am so happy how my foot is feeling. Much gratitude.

Thank you again.


 15 minutes after the cut and running energy


by Tara at 2inspire


June 17 ·

I was invite by my mother in law to a Spiritual and Wellness Connections Conference.

A room full of spiritual and wellness community members together under one roof. I was

excited...but somewhere inside nervous energy. I could feel that something important was going to happen for me. I am shifting and it is rare that I can have the time to be consulted or read by another so this is an exceptional treat.

As I looked around I was amazed at so many different practices,rituals, traditionally healers and sacred practices being explored all in an effort to provide individuals support, help and insight.

Everyone that I met reminded me slightly of myself and I felt in good company. A familiar feeling of being in the exact place you are meant to be at the exact time you are supposed to be there. 

The energy of the room was at such a calm yet high frequency and vibration. I was able to Interact with dozens of talented psychics, mediums, intuitive readers, healers and vendors. If you are curious about what spirituality has to offer, attending an event like this is a great place for curious souls to open.

I was introduced to a healer that my mother in law wanted me to see that specialized in trauma and chronic pain.

A woman named Julia Mare’ that is known in the room as an intuitive, physical healer using a

holistic method where she is able to talk to the body and synchronize each system so that our

cells and atoms are in constant communication with each other at all times.

Sounds good to me. Sure I’ll give it a try. I am open.

She explains that through exposure to the stresses of day to day life,these lines of communication in our body can become compromised or disconnected, which then leads to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental well-being.

Reconnecting these lines of communication enables the body’s internal mechanisms to function at optimal levels, thus repairing and preventing disease while rapidly accelerating the healing process in various forms. The process is meant to stimulate the body’s ability to balance and heal itself on all levels.

I had been praying for help and in need of relieve. I knew on a deep level this was the answer.

I knew that energy was blocked in my body.

This last cycle of my life has left a residue within me that has been difficult to shed. With repeated daily focus and numerous interventions the battle continued to cycle between raging and laying dormant. Four years later and I am tired of it. I work on Letting Go and Forgiveness Every Single Day.

The treatment that I received was unexplainable and extraordinary, personal and moving.

I could feel it throughout my entire body.

What I struggled with daily was now somehow gone.

I couldn’t believe it...but I did. I knew it had happened because I had asked for it....and in it’s own time it left. Not by force and not because I wanted it gone. Completely Out of my control it vanished.

I walked away feeling out of my body...not exactly sure what had happened or how someone that I had just met me could speak to my body and that my body listened.

Even this morning the pain in my lower back is gone for the first time in at least 4 years.I slept through the night with ease and I can’t believe it.

But I can. I ask God for miracles all the time. 🙂

Once again I am Confirmed in my faith that the Universe, God, the Creator is always conspiring

in my favour. Every time.

Try It Yourself And Find Out What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You Today!