Last  week I was a translator of this amazing Skype call and witnessed the  healing process of a young lady who suffered from Scoliosis, she was  healed just in two sessions with our professional & Highly qualified  Quantum Touch healer and instructor Julia Maré   from Vancouver - Canada.  My client was from an Arabian Gulf country and Julia worked on her from Vancouver- Canada using Skype.  This work of healing was extremely phenomenal & exclusively amazing!!!  Please if you need healing sessions over Skype contact Julia Maré  on QT website  or if you would like to learn the skills of QT Level 1 I'll be teaching  a workshop very soon in Bahrain you can find my contact number on the  same website.  How does it get any better than that?? ♥♥  Love & Light to all,  Anfal Al Qaisi

Michael John

June 4, 2013 · London, ON · Just had a "Body Talk" and "Quantum Touch" session with Julia Mare  over Skype due to real bad neck and shoulder pain. I am in awe how this  stuff works, as I feel almost 100% better now. Thank you Julie!

Christina Waschko - "Bloody Nose Testimonial"

Christina here. I'm 'Aunt Rose" who ran into the glass in Pitt Meadows during one of our Tony'n Tina's Wedding performances!

It wasn't my proudest moment when I ran - nose first - into a glass door.

After the initial shock my nose started to hurt like crazy- it was tender to the touch (and thankfully not broken!), sore, and started to bleed. Within seconds headache set in.

Thankfully Julia was near by to give me first aid treatment. Not quite sure what she did exactly (it involved lots of tapping around my head and shoulders). And what can I say? My nose stopped bleeding. And what should have turned into a black  eye and severe swelling became a tender jaundice colour within the next two days only! My headache disappeared after her tapping too. OMG! Thank you Julia for  being there at the right time and place when my nose and head needed you most. And for your craft   for making me feel better within minutes. Impressive!  Thank You!




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